Engine Maintenance

The engine has always been considered one of the most important parts of a car and plays a crucial roll in the overall performance of it. Taking care of a few things related to engine can not only make the car highly performing on the roads but also saves a lot of money by increasing the fuel efficiency of the car.

The single most important engine maintenance procedure is the time-to-time changing of the engine oil. The engine oil is very crucial for the engine life as it lubricates the engine parts and ensures smooth running of the power-train of the car. The engine oil loses its lubricating ability over a period of time and if not changed at right time, it catches dirt and metal particles, which results in quick wearing of the engine parts and hampers the overall performance of the engine. To avoid all these deformities of the engine one should regularly follow the engine oil change schedule issued by the company. Generally, engine oils should be religiously changed every 10 000km.

With every oil-change the fuel and air-filters should also be changed as both of them plays a crucial roll in keeping the engine parts like fuel injectors clean and working optimally.With this, the components like belts, hoses and sensors which are crucial for the efficient running of the overall engine system including power steering, alternator, water pump, and ac compressors, should be checked periodically..

Tyre Maintenance

Most of people are not aware that tyres play a substantial roll in the safety, longevity, overall performance and fuel economy of the car. The inflation pressure of the tyres of your car should be checked and fine tuned every week. A new trend of using nitrogen instead of air is also going on these days. One benefit of using nitrogen in the tyres is that it doesn't expand or contract with the change in the outer temperature and thus maintains the overall tyre pressure. The tyres of the car should be balanced/rotated/fine-tuned in every six months.

Air Conditioner

The air compressors are one of the most expensive parts to change in a car. The durability of these compressors can be prolonged by using simple tips of maintenance. The refrigerant gas is needed to be refilled in every year. The AC should be kept in use regularly (for at least 10 minutes every week, even in winters). The regular use of AC keeps the engine charged and removes the possibility of the future damage in the system.

Washing and Waxing

The car should be washed and waxed regularly so that the paint can be prevented from damaged. Washing the car regularly will also help in preventing the oxidization of the road chemicals and keeps the dirt from damaging the paint. With this, the plastic and rubber protection should be applied regularly so that the door panels and dash board can be guarded against cracking or dying.

Fluid Level Checks

The coolants, washer, power steering, transmission and oil fluid levels should be checked at least monthly. The use of other than recommended fluids can damage the components.