Ransbury Investments (Pvt) LTD is a fast growing, wholly Zimbabwean registered company, registered to conduct business in the motoring industry, providing motoring solutions ranging from Vehicle Repairs, Parts Sales, Accessories and Workshop Services, all geared at world class standards.

At Ransbury we pride ourselves in a technical team of technicians that understand the extreme value of your high value assets that require specialised maintenance. We look forward to serving your Mercedes Benz and Jeep rides right here in Harare!

Ransbury Mercedes has had its fair share of economic challenges between the years 2003 and 2007.In 2008 Ransbury took a step against the odds and opened up the City Branch at 56 Central Avenue,where we mainly concentrated on genuine Mercedes Benz Parts Sales and a few vehicle repairs and services of about 3 cars a day. Due to our specialized service, the demand for vehicle repairs and service grew significantly, to the tune of 8- 10 cars in a day.Since then Ransbury Mercedes has gained a significant share of the market,which has led to the opening of our Ransbury Mercedes HQ,which is the new home for the Mercedes Benz.

Our skills

Workshop personnel comprise certified, highly skilled and experienced technicians who understand the language of motoring quality.

Genuine Spares & Accessories
Full Computerised Diagnosis
Prepurchase Diagnostics ( Preowned vehicles)
Quality Car Maintenance

Customer Promise

Join Us Today and Forget The Rest!

Ransbury Mercedes offers you quality car maintenance - We are your one stop Merc and Jeep Car Care Services Centre. Rest assured, you can entrust your car to us. We believe honesty is not a Spare Wheel that you pull out when in trouble. It's a Steering Wheel that keeps you on the right path throughout the life's journey.

The seats in the Mercedes-Benz cars were designed and shaped in consultation .with leading orthopedic physicians. These contoured, firmly upholstered seats envelop you-supporting vital kidney, back and knee-joint areas. Hearts will race. Mercury will rise. And Luxury as you know it will never be the same.

Meet our team

The leadership has assembled a strong team with requisite skills and experience in the industry to realize its vision.


Technical Director

A. Muringayi

General Manager